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It’s hard to graduate. Really hard. We’ve spent four years trying our hardest to maximize our involvement in campus life: neglecting homework to organize an event, attending Student Association meetings, listening to speakers at the Baker Institute. We do all these things week after week and then a humid Saturday morning shows up and it’s over. …

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Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen provoke strong reactions from Rice students. A good friend of mine thinks Joel Osteen is a genius and is currently arranging to have a conversation with him. Another one of my friends is confident that he is a quack and endearingly calls Lakewood “Six Flags Over Jesus.” When questioned on the topic, the majority of Rice students fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Their curiosity is piqued by Joel’s celebrity status and Lakewood’s size, but they have trouble placing Joel and Lakewood within their framework of understanding Christianity. …

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In the current issue

Christine Miller explores the megachurch phenomenon in Lakewood Church.

How do we decide when to care? Megan Scarborough discusses the issue in The Great Sympathy Toss-Up.

Volume 2 • Issue 6

A Great Year for Jazz: Herbie Hancock’s River is reviewed by Matt Schumann.

Jane Lee experiences introspection in In Defense of Unpolished Nails.

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