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About the Rice Standard

The Rice Standard is an independent monthly magazine serving the community of Rice University in Houston, Texas. The Standard was founded in 2007 as a general interest publication to provide an outlet for the work of students and the community. While other periodical publications exist on campus, the Standard is the only monthly publication at Rice that is intended to publish works such as longer essays, reporting, poetry and literature, and artwork.

The Rice Standard is independently funded and privately operated. We are neither supported by nor affiliated with Rice University. All content represents the opinions of the writers and not necessarily the opinions of the editorial staff.

How can I contribute to the Standard?

First, you can express your opinion about articles on our site using the comments pages associated with each article.

Please send letters to:
letters (at)

Please send content submissions to:
submissions (at)

You may also send contributions by mail:

The Rice Standard
3732 Glen Haven
Houston, TX 77025

All letters and submissions are subject to publication, but we reserve the right to edit published material to adjust content or length, and we reserve the right to withhold from publication any material we find unsuitable.

Can I reprint/republish content from the Standard?

All our content is protected by copyright shared jointly by the magazine and its authors and may not be reprinted or reused without written permission from the Publisher.

Editorial Staff

John P. Stallcup

Matt Schumann

Managing Editors
Mhair S. Dekmezian
Sarah M. Mitchell

Content Editors
Megan Scarborough
Catherine Bratic
Courtney Ng
Brian Reinhart

Design & Layout
Josh Kirlin

Website Design
Michael Rog

Mhair Dekmezian
John Stallcup
Alice Townes

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The magazine is distributed on campus (free of charge for the first copy or two). Contact us if you are interested in receiving or distributing the Rice Standard in quantity.

You can also download the current issue in PDF format: download current issue in PDF format

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